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Tumblr Change

If you have been following this site’s Tumblr, please re-follow! The URL remains the same: (because I renamed the old Tumblr spaceaboveandbeyond2).

I had to change the Tumblr to a sideblog under my main Tumblr account @intothisshadow (it was a primary before). I had to make that change because it was too cumbersome having to login to the S:AAB one separately – it’s taking already so much time to keep up with my main account and I get all the S:AAB things there anyway and couldn’t easily reblog or anything to the S:AAB tumblr and then had to wade through the same posts and more random unrelated to S:AAB shit Tumblr insists on putting on my dash, that it was just frustrating. So I took the leap and created a sideblog

I managed to import the posts from the original blog, but unfortunately not the followers so I’m sorry for the hassle and I hope you’ll follow me again!

Written by Ariane