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Restore + Re-capped 1×14-1×16

I decided not to re-upload the old screencaps (episodes 1×14-1×249 which I’d be replacing in a few weeks/months anyway with the new ones done with a better method that I’ve been doing the last while. That would’ve been just frustrating. Otherwise I’ve reuploaded everything I could (I didn’t have the 17 or so Props photos backed up on my HD so I had to delete those entries from the gallery) and everything should be up and working again, except for https. That’s something I think my host has to do, and they still in the middle of rescuing and restoring sites, as am I, so I haven’t talked to them about it yet. But other than that, everything should be ok!

Also re-capped 1×14-1×16 and added those to the gallery:

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Written by Ariane