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February 22, 2018

Site News Comments Off on Downtime

Finally I have access to the backend!

https is expired for now, I have to figure out how to refresh it.


Copy/paste from a couple of days ago:

Downtime was due to two reasons: 1) mistake on my host’s data center’s part and 2) script error when my host tried to fix the first one. Lost sites and then most recent backups. More details here: https://ariane.dreamwidth.org/445085.html

I still don’t have access to the backend, so can’t check for what’s missing and restore from my personal backups. I’ll fix and update things as soon as I can!

https is expired for now, I have to figure out how to refresh it.


February 03, 2018

Site News Comments Off on Tumblr Change

If you have been following this site’s Tumblr, please re-follow! The URL remains the same: http://spaceaboveandbeyond.tumblr.com (because I renamed the old Tumblr spaceaboveandbeyond2).

I had to change the Tumblr to a sideblog under my main Tumblr account @intothisshadow (it was a primary before). I had to make that change because it was too cumbersome having to login to the S:AAB one separately – it’s taking already so much time to keep up with my main account and I get all the S:AAB things there anyway and couldn’t easily reblog or anything to the S:AAB tumblr and then had to wade through the same posts and more random unrelated to S:AAB shit Tumblr insists on putting on my dash, that it was just frustrating. So I took the leap and created a sideblog

I managed to import the posts from the original blog, but unfortunately not the followers so I’m sorry for the hassle and I hope you’ll follow me again! http://spaceaboveandbeyond.tumblr.com

February 03, 2018

I’ve changed the site to be served over https instead of http, making it more secure. You should be automatically re-directed to https. This is my first time using https, so please let me know if you have any problems accessing the site, or loading files or anything!


Changed the themes to new one by Ten Thousand Beats, I hope you like it 🙂


I have re-capped and uploaded the new caps from 1.13 Who Monitors The Birds:

Gallery: HomeScreencaps1.13 Who Monitors The Birds


Uploaded the McQueen graphic that I made for posting on Tumblr:

October 15, 2017

Site News Comments Off on Server Move

flaunt.nu made changes to their ads policy, requiring three ads in the gallery. I think that’s too much, so I moved the site to my personal hosting account yesterday (Saturday 14th). We’re still hosted by a web host specializing in fansites (even though they aren’t a free host and so I’m paying them to host me just like I would and have any regular web host before) so they hopefully do and should understand special circumstances of a fansites (things like having a lot of pics in the gallery that don’t necessarily get visitors looking at them a lot but that the space is not used for file storage despite that, INODE amounts etc.). If you’re noticing any wonkiness today or tomorrow, it’s just the new DNS data still propagating. That can take up to 78 hours.

September 21, 2017

Gallery Screencaps Comments Off on 1.12 River Of Stars Re-capped

Finished re-capping 1.12 River Of Stars 🙂

The usual rules apply – credit, don’t hotlink, don’t ask for zips/rars!

Gallery: Home > Screencaps > 1.12 The River Of Stars

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