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June 12, 2016

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Review of the Pilot by Darren via them0vieblog.

Space: Above and Beyond made a great deal of sense in the context of the mid-nineties. Fox had begun its life as a scrappy little network that had trouble producing seven nights of broadcasting, but had rapidly solidified itself into a credible alternative to the big three networks. There were lots of reasons for this. The X-Files was one reason, but the network had also solidified itself with a slate of popular young dramas like Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place and Party of Five. Securing the NFL rights in 1993 didn’t hurt.

By late 1995, Fox was largely past the growing pains stage of its evolution. The network had been announced in late 1985, and first hit the airwaves in late 1986. It was approach the end of its first decade by the time Space: Above and Beyond was broadcast. Fox was no longer a small network fighting for scraps, but a viable challenger to the so-called “big three.” This change in outlook would lead to great success in the twenty-first century, but would also lead to change in how Fox did business.

The X-Files had been the right show at the right time in a number of ways. It landed at the perfect point to speak to a generation that grew up in the shadow of Watergate, but also to tap into millennial anxieties and insecurities. From a commercial perspective, The X-Files launched towards the end of the period where Fox could take chances on young shows struggling to find an audience. The first season of The X-Files was a cult hit, but not a breakout success story. The network had faith in the show, and that faith paid off.It is interesting to wonder whether The X-Files would have received a second season if it débuted even two years later. After all, Fox would develop a reputation as a network with a ruthless tendency towards cancellation and plug-pulling. If The X-Files had first appeared in September 1995, would it have enjoyed the same fate as Space: Above and Beyond?

Of course, the production of Space: Above and Beyond was much more elaborate – and, crucially, much more expensive – than the production of The X-Files. For the first year of The X-Files, the show was reasonably cheap to produce. It was shot in Vancouver, with two main cast members and not too many special effects. In contrast, Space: Above and Beyond had a massive cast, cutting-edge special effects and lots of design work built into it. The X-Files was set in a world connected to our own. Space: Above and Beyond was largely built from scratch.

There’s an incredible confidence to Space: Above and Beyond, and it is possible to read the series as an attempt to cash in on the resurgent popularity of televised science-fiction in the wake of the success of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Indeed, Morgan and Wong have conceded that Fox originally suggested a show that would play off a proposed Starfleet Academy spin-off, potentially beating it to the punch. Morgan and Wong decided to take that idea their own direction.

May 06, 2016

Gallery Comments Off on Props & Stuff

Found some Saratoga blueprints and other interesting stuff on one of my hard drives. No idea whether these were the actual stuff used in production, although I remember at least the McQueen uniform being one and the pistol. Just thought they’d make an interesting addition to the site, no matter whether fan-made or from the production 🙂

Gallery: Home > Props & Other Stuff > Blueprints, Props & More

February 02, 2016

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I’ve finished re-uploading the gallery and everything should now be up and working! Let me know if you spot any errors so I can fix them.

January 26, 2016

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We are now hosted by flaunt.nu 🙂 I’m still re-uploading the gallery, but everything else should be up and working. I’ll make another post the gallery is fully up again!

November 27, 2015

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I’ve fixed the errors now and everything should be showing up ok.

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